When Istria and Kozjansko join forces.

In the past this was a region known especially for its underdevelopment in particular when it was hit by an earthquake in the 70s. I was 10 years old when this occurred and I remember all the problems we, inhabitants of Kozjansko, had because of the earthquake (and then the floodings right after) which took quite a toll on the region but at the same time it put Kozjansko on the map of recognition in Slovenia and elsewhere. Kozjansko streches between four rivers (Sotla, Voglajna, Sava, Savinja) and it’s very hilly as if it was made for hiking and cycling.

Underdevelopment has a positive consequence since the region has magnificent natural heritage and also hides many sights of natural and historical heritage especially from the era of feudalism when trade was at its peak in our area.

Let me start with a completely personal view on this natural-cultural historical treasure called Istria. Years ago I had a chance to visit Tuscany, such a famous tourist destination worldwide. I was thrilled with it myself.

But after coming back to my second home Istria I started wondering what Tuscany has that Istria doesn’t. Surprisingly, I couldn’t find almost any answer. The regions are quite similar in their climate, natural and cultural heritage, in both excellent vines are grown and high quality wine is made and for more demanding eaters they offer superior local delicacies from the sea as well as local continental food for gourmets.

The only thing that Tuscany has which Istria doesn’t is the world’s recognition and thereby the successfulness of tourism measured through economy. But that’s an advantage because in Istria, we can find beautiful hidden corners, on the land and on the coast, that shyly expose themselves to the eyes of more demanding pleasure seekers. And that’s when we come into play with our offer, adjusted for those holidaymakers who expect a ton of adventures, easy-going fun and long moments of enjoyment on their exploratory hikes.

Because you’re our unique guest we can prepare a holiday program according to your individual wishes. We can go see some other interesting places that invite us with their history, natural sights, gourmet delights and possibilities for diverse adventures and fun to expeditions lasting one or several days.

That way you can go see the castle of counts of Celje in the morning, which is known from the era of Habsburg monarchy. Then, in the afternoon you can go on the famous rafting on Savinja and in the evening you can finish with a picnic by this unique river, all in one day. Sounds tempting, right? After this experience you will realise that maybe Romeo and Juliet weren’t the passionate lovers after all…

Additionally, we can go see two of the world’s tourist treasures, Postojna cave and stud farm Lipica, on our way home after a few delightfully spent days in Istria. Then in the evening, you can try the unique karst prosciutto and a specialty amongst wines, the karst Teran. Is anything more even possible in just one day? 🙂

An alternative:  A sailing weekend or week in dalmatia

If you want to experience Dalmatia in the best way possible, with sailing around islands, in bays and between amazing towns and villages, we’re here to organise an unforgettable experience just for you.

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