Green hills of Kozjansko, white stone of Karst and blue sea of Istria

Actively exploring Kozjansko and Karst, visit Ljubljana and its attractions, enjoy top quality cuisine

Duration of Slovenian Experience: 8 days / 7 nights


Day 1 arrival: After accommodation we have up to three hours for a wellness visit and then dinner in one of the renowned restaurants (if the arrival is in the morning, we also take a hike to castle Podsreda and have lunch in one of the local restaurants).

Day 2 exploring Kozjansko by cycling: We start our Slovenian Experience with cycling across the hills of Kozjansko in the colourful and peaceful nature. We stop at one of the agroturistic places and enjoy the local delicacies. After we have lunch we continue our cycling tour through the green landscape and return to the hotel. Late in the afternoon we visit Olimje with monastery and chocolate shop and have a culinary experience in one of the renowned restaurants.


Day 3 – visit Pilštanj, hike to hill Resevna: We visit Pilštajn, the oldest settlement in Kozjansko, taste delights made from the cornelian cherry and afterwards hike to the top of the hill Resevna. We enjoy the untouched nature and the view from the tower on the top. After we return to the valley we have lunch in one of the local restaurants, than we return to our hotel.

Day 4visiting Ljubljana and Karst: After breakfast we visit Ljubljana, the wonderful Slovenian capital,  where we have a guided tour, tasty lunch and some free time for shopping. Afterwards we set off to Karst, the unique region of Slovenia, where we accommodate, have dinner and get a good night’s sleep.

Day 5 – bike and culinary experience: Our Slovenian Experience continues with a bike tour across the Karst landscape. We admire the beauty of nature, enjoy the typical delicacies of Karst and the hospitality of the locals.

Day 6 – explore Karst: All day trip with a hike in-between – we learn about Karst phenomena and visit one of the caves.

Day 7 – visit Istria: Time to visit Slovenian Istria, the land between the Karst and the sea, and its attractions, lunch in one of the local restaurants in- between, stop on the coast of the Adriatic, enjoy the scent, colors and sound of the sea. Afterwards return to our accommodation, where we have dinner and lodging.

Day 8departure: Breakfast, departure.


Price: on request

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