Activities, nature, relaxation, cuisine

Enjoy untouched natue, relax your body and soul

Duration of Adventure Kozjansko: 4 days / 3 nights


Day 1arrival: After accommodation three hours of wellness await, then dinner in one of the top restaurants of Kozjansko (if the arrival is in the morning we have a short hike to the amazing castle of Podsreda and lunch in one of the local restaurants before going to wellness).

Day 2cycling across Kozjansko & visit to Olimje: Adventure Kozjansko continues with cycling across the hills of Kozjansko, where we admire the colourful nature and have a snack in an agrotouristic place in between. After cycling we visit Olimje and its attractions, have a culinary experience in one of their local restaurants, than return to the hotel.

Day 3visit to Pilštanj, hike to Resevna, visit to Šentjur: After breakfast we visit Pilštanj, one of the oldest settlements in Kozjansko, where we have a degustation of delights made from the cornelian cherry. Afterwards we hike to the top of the hill Resevna, where we enjoy the peace and quiet of the forest that surrounds us and refresh ourselves in the hut with lunch.  We also visit the town Šentjur where we have a guided tour, then go for a tasting of local delicacies and return to our hotel.

Day 4hike to the tower of love on Žusem & wellness: We ascend to the tower of love on the hill Žusem, which offers an amazing view of the surroundings and have a delicious lunch in one of the agrotouristic places at the end of the hike. Afterwards Adventure Kozjansko takes you to a 3-hour private wellness from where you return home.


Price: on request

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